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Sumner Technologies has been delivering APEX-specific training since 2005 - before APEX was even a product! Our courses have been taught to hundreds of students across several countries, and focus on the core features of APEX that work best. Our experience in educating others on Oracle APEX is simply unsurpassed. Now you can take advantage of this knowledge by way of our APEX training offerings. All classes are based on APEX 5 and can be taught either online or onsite.


  • APEX 5 Foundations

    It all starts with a solid foundation. This class will cover the foundations and concepts that no APEX developer should be without. Starting the the metadata development model, this course will cover architectural details, deployment options and general foundation components of APEX 5. It will also walk through all of the major components of APEX 5 - from Application Builder to Team Development and everything in between.

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  • Advanced APEX 5 Topics

    Our Advanced APEX modules are designed for the more experienced developers. They are designed to drill down into a specific topic and explore all of the detailed options and ways to deploy that component. Working practical examples will be created in all of the Advanced Modules.

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  • Custom APEX Training

    Don't see anything that fits your needs? We'll work with you to create and deliver a custom curriculum of topics that your developers need. Typically, this training is centered around a real-world project and will produce a partial or even complete solution as a deliverable. Contact us for more details.

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  • Developing APEX 5 Desktop Applications

    In Developing Desktop APEX Applications, students will learn the basics of how to design, develop and deploy a fully-functional APEX application. Students will start with a data model and then build out all of the APEX components required. The end result will be a working project management application based on actual real-world requirements.

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  • Developing APEX 5 Mobile Applications

    When mobile deployment is a requirement, this course can help kick things off. It will start with considerations for mobile vs. desktop deployment. It will then walk through the design and development of a mobile application that will run on all popular mobile devices.

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